Open Text - Module for Presta Shop 1.5 & 1.6


OpenText module automatically inserts user-defined text to describe a product as Tooltip. Module streamlines websites in Prestashop. Your site will be attractive to users.

- select the individual function module OpenText: Tooltip, Static Text
- a simple extension of the product label Tooltip
- to facilitate your work with your website in Prestashop
- pass the time when you paste text into the description of the products
- streamline the appearance of web pages


- Purchase a license addons
- Detailed sample video tutorial on Youtube


Show the video on youtube how to work module OpenText.

OpenText module


- Installing addons
- Options for setting Tooltip addon, StaticText  
- Tooltip setting options
- Static text setting options

Purchase and License Addons

Addon can only be purchased at the and function of addon on web page . With OpenText buying addons were purchasing a license to use the Addon. Licence Addon is only for one domain. Generally speaking, it is not allowed Addon OpenText rent, lease, sell, sublicense, or otherwise transfer it to another person without the prior written consent of After purchasing Addons OpenText it used only by you, namely a natural or legal person who has purchased a software program that is registered as a user. Addon can not use any third party (including your partner companies) without the prior written consent of If you have questions, please contact your company or your dealer Addon.


 Open text module


Definition Script

Configuration and control module is very simple and intuitive. However, to use all the features of the Addon, you need to know the information in this manual. The module uses the OpenText support scripts that have a specific function. This module automatically inserts user-defined text to the label, tooltip (Caption = Tooltip). Custom define all the variables we see in the table below the text (ID 1-8). After clicking variables can edit and define the next script function. Currently there are Addons available two functions: Tooltip and Static Text. These functions have a wide range of applications and allows you to set many combinations. In the table below you can see a sample variables that I use on my E-shop.


Function Tooltip from the English translation is help. Users viewing additional information explaining the definition or shortcut. Tooltip has two different functions. 

1. Defining a variable: word, words

A variable can be defined as a word (for example 700TV), which occurs in the product description on your website. Detail description of the function variables (selected word) that will be displayed in the Tooltip in the free text of web pages. The text can also insert pictures. After defining the variables and store its settings will be automatically created Tooltip that displays the text defined us. Free text on the website will be variable, which is created Tooltip, dashed lines underlined. 

Defining variables 700TV


The figure shows the defined variable in the free text of web pages and display the Tooltip.


2.Definition of special variable: #variable#

This is the second feature Tooltip. Here we define a variable that must start and end with a special character #. For demonstration we choose the term #effio_function#. If defined variable the term #effio_function# for Tooltip is still necessary to fill the field Word. The selected word  appears in place of the variable in the text and when you move your mouse to us Tooltip defined. 


OpenText module can be implemented in a multi language  views [EN,CZ, ...]. This means that you define the individual Tooltips for each language separately. When defining a foreign language I choose the language in the "Word or HTML" to accomplish the above-mentioned items are language. 

Color views Tooltip

  Tooltip is possible in the free text of web pages appear with different background colors. Select in the selection menu we have the opportunity to choose "Tooltip-Black, Tooltip-White-Blue Tooltip". It is evident that by name, we choose the background color of a Tooltip.



Static Text is the second function Addon OpenText. The module defines two static texts: Text-Include and Text-Include-Span




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