Biogas station - Visualization in C#

VizualizationOne_Fail.jpgVizualization biogas station was development in C# Net 4.5.

Visualization of a biogas plant simplifies and streamlines all activities related to the management of biogas plants. Not only that displays and writes data from a central PLC, but also records all the data for next processing and evaluation. Desktop program "Visual One" showing requared data and sending data for cental PLC system for processing. All alarms in system (Biogas station) are sending through GSM modul to operator. This program must running every 24h/7Days. 

VVisualisationOne runs on a standard PC running Windows. Control and manipulation of the program is very simple and intuitive. Connecting individual devices and the communication between the devices is shown.

This program was created for Czech localization.SchemaPLC PC


VisualOne communicates with PLC Siemens Simatic S7-300 using an Ethernet connection using TCP / IP. Transferring data block from PLC to PC takes 8ms. The maximum length of the data packet is 220 bytes. The program is defined over 1000 variables that are displayed in the program. Some of these variables are used to evaluate the conditions for the graphical visualization of individual components. Error or exceeded the value selected component is highlighted in red. The decline in value below the minimum value may be the value ° C and blue-colored text. These conditions may be more exsistent state values​​. Processed data from the PLC are optimized. For multi-core processors using all processors for computation, that we have reduced the time limit of the imaging data to form at about 20ms. Therefore, it is suitable for fast visualization of process visualization. It is necessary to take into account other components connected to the PLC. Therefore, after reading the packet from the PLC leaves 150ms (150ms value can by change) time for these purposes. We tested the delay time 2 ms and everything worked fine. We have to, but take into account that device from Siemens PLC reads the packet from the intevalu 50 - 1000ms.

  • Untitled
  • Hydrolyza
  • Hydrolyza PLanPlneni
  • Hydrolyza LF1 Servis
  • Hydrolyza Zpracovani
  • Hydrolyza LF1 Krmeni
  • PřehledPřehled
  • HydrolýzaHydrolýza
  • HydrolýzaPlán plnění
  • ServisServis
  • ZpracováníZpracování
  • KrmeníKrmení

Program Visualisation He runs nonstop and at a time when the system is governed by the operators themselves are error as mentioned information via sms. After coming to work, but must be understood with current information about the situation in their absence. For these purposes plaguing graphs. On the home screen you can see the progress of the current day. Of course it can easily look on during the previous days. The program can define your own graphs and assign them to the screen for quick start. Very valued function operator is a error analysis of individual components of biogas stations. The error is displayed in the red, and 2 x clicks on the component in the program opens a Word document, which describes the wiring, parts of the technical documentation location in the area, contact your service provider and documentation for each product. Of course there is editing a document and a way to avoid the most common mistakes that were caused in the system. Instructions for removing bugs in the system are continuously correspondence.


  • RozdelovacTeplaHKV1
  • FermentorBS1
  • SeparaceSep
  • LF1 Hydrolyza
  • Motohodiny
  • Historie
  • Rozdělovač tepla HKV1Rozdělovač tepla
  • FermentorFermentor
  • SeparaceSeparace
  • GrafGraf LF1
  • MotohodinyMoto hodiny
  • Alarm historieAlarm historie

Program "Visualisation One" to control the biogas plant uses the framework developed by VisualOne Trochta.Net, which can be used to control your system.


Show the video movie on youtube how to work program Biogas Station.

Bioplynka vizualizace

VisualOne communicates with PLCs

  • The control system Simatic S7-200 communication via Ethernet interface 
  • The control system Simatic S7-300 communication via Ethernet interface 
  • The control system Simatic S7-400 communication via Ethernet interface

The main features of the visualization framework "VisualOne":

  • Color-coded values ​​under defined conditions 
  • Animation Images for predefined conditions 
  • Evaluation conditions of the expression of the variables which are defined in the PLC 
  • When you change the value of a variable or condition, can run C # script 
  • The visualization can include your own C #, VB, C ++ code (.Net)
  • Interactive work from Excel, Word (export data, generate documents) 
  • Loading definitions of variables from Excel (conversion conditions, ...) 
  • SMS alert, or other sms messages through GSM module or Web service, eventually SMS gateway 
  • Saving data into a MySQL database settings 
  • Conversion values 
  • Display units to the value of 
  • Edit values